What is LIMSC?

The Leiden International (Bio)Medical Student Conference (LIMSC) is the largest biennial student conference in the world. LIMSC offers the opportunity for medical, biomedical and life sciences students worldwide to present their research, to participate in various state-of-the-art workshops, to be enlightened by prominent guest speakers and to engage in networking with fellow international students and researchers. Furthermore, anyone just interested in learning about cutting-edge research at the frontiers of science can attend the whole scientific and social programme without having to present their own research.

LIMSC takes pride in having been able to provide a high quality student conference since 1999 and we strive to improve LIMSC with every passing edition.

With LIMSC we aim to support building up the international research community to battle the scientific and health challenges in the world together. LIMSC gives students the opportunity to set foot in the research world by allowing students to practice the presentation of their work to fellow scientists and to get feedback and ideas for their work and to become part of the international research community.


When is LIMSC?
The 11th Edition of LIMSC will take place 13th to 17th March in 2019.


What sets LIMSC apart from other conferences?
We believe LIMSC is set apart from other student conferences by the following points:

1. Internationality:
In the previous edition we had students from 46 nationalities attending LIMSC.

 2. Size:
In the previous edition there were 800 students (active & passive) taking part in LIMSC.

3. Large Awards for Best Student Presentations:
Hard work should be rewarded and therefore we offer the students with the three best oral presentations prizes from a pool of €1750 and the three best poster presentations will be awarded cash prizes from a pool of €500. All winners will also receive a one-year online subscription to The New England Journal of Medicine. 

4. Student Friendly Prices:
LIMSC wants to give everyone the opportunity to take part in this valuable event for students and therefore is eager to keep entrance fees at a minimal cost.

5. High Quality Research:
The organising hospital, the LUMC, takes pride in being placed among the world top university hospitals for its unique research practice ranging from pure fundamental medical research to applied clinical research enabling it to offer the highest quality research.

6. Great Networking Opportunities:
Careers and Internship Fair:
The Careers and Internship Fair will give you as a student the opportunity to get in touch with representatives from the LUMC, the Leiden Bioscience Park and other (inter)national institutions to look into the possibilities for your future.

Leiden Bioscience Park:
The Leiden Bioscience Park includes the largest number of bioscience start-ups in the Netherlands and ranks within the top 5 science parks in Europe. Over 100 excellent pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, institutions and research centers are based at the Leiden Bioscience Park. Our tour during the social programme will give you the opportunity to get an insight into these companies.

To find out more about the Leiden Bioscience Park, click here.