LIMSC 2023 will be a physical in person conference again! We are truly looking forward to seeing you all in Leiden!

The registration for participation closes on the 14th of February, so get your tickets while you can!

You can find the prices for the tickets and social activities on this page.

Applications have opened up for the ambassador programme of LIMSC 2023. You can register via the link here!

The registration will close at the 31st of May 2022.


Anyone who has an interest in (Bio)Medical Science or Clinical technology topics can register as a passive participant here!

Yes, they are more than welcome to visit our conference as passive participants!


LIMSC is for anyone who is interested in (Bio)Medical research!

Yes, if you have participated in at least three activities of our programme, you will receive your certificate by email after the conference.


Yes, both active and passive participants will be sent certificates by email after the conference.


It is possible for a co-author to present your research. You have to adress that they will be a/the presentor when you register your abstract.

For more information about research presentation, please refer to our Active participation page

Yes, we will publish all abstracts in our book of abstracts. If you would not like to have your abstract published, then please email us with the details of your abstract.

Your abstract will not be published by LIMSC if you can not attend the conference.

No, this is not possible. Please ensure you have a copy of the Book of Abstracts before you leave our conference.

The closest airport to Leiden is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. From there, you can take a train to Leiden Central Station, which will take about 15 minutes. A train from Schiphol to Leiden will leave about every 15 minutes. A single ticket will cost you around €7 and can be bought at the airport upon arrival.

You can also book a flight ticket to Eindhoven Airport. You can travel to  Eindhoven Central Station by bus, this will take you about 20 minutes and will cost you around €3. From there, you can travel to Leiden Central Station by train , which will take about 2 hours. A single ticket will cost around €23.

A third option is to book a flight ticket to the Rotterdam The Hague Airport. From the airport you can travel to The Hague Laan van NOI train station by bus and metro in 35 minutes. You must first take the bus to the Rotterdam Meijersplein metro station, which will cost you €2. The subsequent metro to the train station will cost you €4. You can then travel to Leiden Central Station by train in 15 minutes. A single ticket for the train costs around €4. 


Yes there will be accommodation options nearby. We will link to nearby hotels during the registration process. 


If you will give a poster presentation, please bring your poster with you since we cannot print it for you.

If you will give an oral presentation, please deliver an USB stick at the registration desk with only your PowerPoint presentation and a name tag on it.


If your company is interested in participating in our C&I fair, please send us an email at By taking part in this Career and Internship Fair, your company will be able to inform students about possible internship and career opportunities.




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