Guest speakers

During LIMSC, five keynote speakers will inspire you with guest lectures about their experiences and spearheading research. Keep up with our social media and website to find out what the composition of the guest speakers of LIMSC 2023 will be.

To give an impression we are proud to present the guest speakers of Online LIMSC 2021:

Prof. Dr. David Nutt

The positive effects of drugs on our brain

On Friday, Prof. Dr. David Nutt will start the programme of Online LIMSC by giving a lecture. He is a Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College (London, United Kingdom). In his talk, he will discuss how psychedelic drugs can be used in a clinical setting. Together with his research group, he has shown how these recreational drugs can be used to overcome psychiatric problems. These are very important findings, as they open up many treatment possibilities in the field of psychiatry. Be inspired by Prof. Dr. David Nutt’s enthusiasm and enlightened about the positive effects of drugs on our brain!

Dr. Jodi Sherman

How we can all help to make medicine more ecologically sustainable

Dr. Jodi Sherman is Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Yale University (New Haven, United States of America) and is internationally recognised as a researcher in the emerging field of sustainability in healthcare. Her lecture on Saturday will teach you about the effects of modern medicine on our environment and climate change. Moreover, Dr. Jodi Sherman will inspire you on how we can all help to make medicine more ecologically sustainable.