Head Crew

The Head Crew is indispensable for the Organising Committee of LIMSC. They join in on the organisation of LIMSC about half a year before the conference. During the conference they have an essential supportive role, especially in leading the many crew members. The Head Crew is composed of 6 engaged individuals which all have their own specificity. 

We are proud to announce the Head Crew for the 13th edition of LIMSC:

Mohamed Kasr - HC President

Wendy Liu - HC Secretary

Marit de Vries - HC Logistics

Amber Monsanto - HC PR/Design

Elsemieke Bosch - HC Scientific/Social Programme

Liam Huizinga - HC Acquisition/Student Housing


From left to right: Liam Huizinga, Amber Monsanto, Wendy Liu, Mohamed Kasr, Elsemieke Bosch, Marit de Vries


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