Leiden University

Leiden University is the first university that was established in the Netherlands. William of Orange gave Leiden Academia Lugduno Batava to the city of Leiden in 1575, it is said in recognition of the city’s courageous resistance against the siege by the Spanish invaders. The motto of the University is 'Praesidium Libertatis' – Bastion of Freedom. Today, the Leiden University has seven faculties in the arts, humanities and sciences, spread over locations in Leiden and The Hague. As a prestigious European research university, Leiden University plays a foremost role in academic research and teaching. 

Facts & figures about Leiden University
- 30.884 students &  7100 staff members
- Among the top 100 universities worldwide in four prominent international rankings
- 122 nationalities
- 29% foreign master’s students
- 16 Nobel Prizes
- 7 faculties: Archaeology, Governance and Global Affairs, Humanities, Law, Science, Social and Behavioural Sciences, and of course, Medicine/LUMC

Apart from bachelor’s and master’s programmes, Leiden University offers a variety of Summer School courses in the international and academically inspiring environment in Leiden or The Hague.

Summer School courses interesting for students with a medical interest

Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School (LOTS)
Duration: 3 and a half days
Course fee: €75 (incl. accommodation, local transport, breakfast/lunch/dinner and a number of social activities)
Level: (bio)medical bachelor and master students

The Leiden Oxford Transplantation Summer School, LOTS, is a collaboration between the university of Leiden and Oxford. This course offers a unique opportunity to learn from leading academics and experts in the field of Organ Transplantation. The program consists of interactive lectures, patient interviews, small group assignments and games about clinical transplant cases. In the end every group will write a proposal for scientific innovation to improve the outcome for transplant recipients. And of course, there is also time to have fun and to network with fellow students from all over the world and teaching staff from the LUMC and University of Oxford!

TechMed Summerschool

Duration: 4 days
Course rate: €250,00 for students, €499,00 for others
Level: MSc, PhD, (junior) medical specialists, postdoc

TechMed Summerschool at Leiden offers State of the Art lectures and workshops. You will meet others with the same ambitions you have, learn about innovative technologies, discuss the Technical Medical Gap. Moreover, you will work together in a safe and hightech environment, to improve intramural and extramural care for patients. Last but not least, an interactive social programme will take place in the evenings.

Translational Summer School on Neuromuscular Diseases 

Duration: 5 days
Course fee: €100 for general participant, €1000 for industry participant Level: researchers and clinicians interested in translational research in the neuromuscular disease

Attendees of the summer school discover how networks such as the European Reference Network EURO-NMD and TREAT-NMD work and collaborate with patients and regulators to facilitate therapy development. Aspects such as standards of care, outcome measure development, biomarkers and others are discussed and debated during the week. Attendees also have the opportunity to find out about the various interactions that take place between key stakeholders how the regulatory system works and take part in a TACT style review and in depth discussion on ethical issues in clinical trials. Attendees who complete this course will possess the knowledge of the many different aspects that are involved in translational research and also have a deeper understanding and compassion for those involved in the whole trial process from researcher to patient. Various other Summer Schools, with non-medical topics, welcome medical students as well. For more information, you can refer to the Leiden University website