Ambassador application is closed for LIMSC 2019 

To get as much attention as possible for LIMSC 2019 we need help from students all over the world. These students are called 'ambassadors' and have the task to promote LIMSC in their own faculty. With this system of ambassadors, we are able to inform (bio)medical students all over the world about the upcoming LIMSC and attract them to Leiden to attend our conference. As an ambassador you have to be enthusiastic about LIMSC; it is not necessary that you have attended one of our earlier conferences. As many (bio)medical students as possible should know about the upcoming LIMSC 2019 and hopefully most of them will join LIMSC in March 2019. To promote LIMSC, you will receive digital promotional material to spread around Facebook, Twitter and the website of your faculty, some ambassadors will also receive a package with posters and flyers to spread around the faculty.

Being an ambassador is a great experience. You will convince your fellow students to attend LIMSC and the best ambassador will receive a prize!