Passive Participation (Non-Presenting)

LIMSC is open to all interested visitors. As a passive participant, you can take part in all scientific and social programme activities, but do not have to present any research during oral and poster presentation sessions.

Attend presentations of fellow visiting students, learn about international research, participate in interactive and challenging workshops, be enlightened by the leading international figures in research and obtain ideas for your own research project.
At the Career and Internship Fair you can explore potential career opportunities by talking to representatives from relevant companies, organizations and universities, presenting a variety of graduate programs, research projects and internships.

How can I become a passive participant?
Online Registration for passive participants will open on the 17th of December 2018. Here you can register for workshops, social activities and accommodation. 
For fees to be paid as a passive participant, please click here.
Be aware that for some program points we only offer limited spaces and therefore early registration for these is highly recommended.

What else?
If you are an international visitor and need a visa, please check our “Visa” page to see how we can help. 
Please notice, if you need a visa, contact the Dutch embassy as quickly as possible. 
Furthermore, we offer limited spaces in our arranged hotel, but also give suggestions for many other places you can stay at. To find out more, click here.