Prizes & Awards

LIMSC offers prizes for the most outstanding research presentations during the Scientific days. Both the active participants invited to give an oral presentation as those invited to give a poster presentation are able to win our prizes. Are you going to win these prizes in addition to the glory of being a winning participant at LIMSC 2019?


Oral presentations

The three best rated presentations of all oral presentations will have the chance to present their research once again in front of a big audience during the finale on Saturday. A jury of experts will then decide the consecution of the first, second and third place.

  • First prize: 1000 Euros
  • Second prize: 500 Euros
  • Third prize: 250 Euros

There are more prizes and acknowledgements to earn as a presenter of an oral presentation! Each session of oral presentations will have its own winner decided by the jury, who will receive an official acknowledgement of their achievement!


Poster presentations

The three highest rated presentations of all poster presentations will be rewarded during the finale on Saturday by receiving the following prizes:

  • First prize: 250 Euros
  • Second prize: 150 Euros
  • Third prize: 100 Euros