Travel Grants

Attending a conference, especially when it's far from home, may be expensive. Therefore LIMSC provides travel grants for a limited number of active participants.

Who can apply?
Travel grants are only for active participants. When you submit your abstract, you can also apply for a travel grant. Please know that travel grants are especially for students with difficulties funding their trip. If you think you deserve a travel grant, check out the requirements!

What is the deadline?
20th of November 2016

What are the requirements?
1) A short motivational letter, in which you explain why you think you deserve to receive a Travel Grant. Making the motivation letter longer, doesn't mean it increases chances. A famous Dutch expression: Short and powerful.
2) An official letter written by your supervisor, declaring that you need the funding, with an official stamp of your university.
3) An overview of the expenses you will have to make for participating LIMSC. Including flight, overnight stay and other transport.
4) Not required, but it increases your chances significantly: A decline letter from another travel grant-organisation. This shows us you are serious about trying to attend LIMSC and have tried other options for acquiring the money.

What happens next?
Only the people who are invited to present their research at LIMSC can get a travel grant. Once you know if you’re invited, you will get information about your application. After the deadline, received requests will be evaluated by us. The number of grants that will be awarded and their respective money amounts, will be set based on the requirements.

PLEASE NOTICE: The travel grants will be awarded at the registration desk during the congress. So you won’t get any money in advance and you will only receive your travel grant if you come to the conference! 

How do you apply?
Please send your letter in an email entitled 'Travel grant' to before November 20th 2016. Applications received after November 20th 2016 will not be considered.

Note that travel grants are meant for students who have difficulties funding their trip to Leiden, and are not to be spent on other activities, apart from attending the conference.