Follow the instructions below if you plan to arrange your VISA at your ambassy before January 4th, 2019

  1. E-mail with 'VISA 4/1/2019' stated in the topic.
  2. Please include in your e-mail: 

            -Your full name

            -Your passport number and expiry date

            -Whether you are planning to stay at our accommodation (IBIS Hotel) yes/no. 


If you will arrange your VISA at your ambassy after January 4th, 2019, please follow the instructions below:

Visa invitations will be sent to participants who complete their registration. It is not necessary to email us with your visa request.
Also we don't send invitation letters untill people are registered! This means you are either invited as active participant, or you have registered and payed as passive.

Please notice: Applying for a VISA takes a large amount of time, mostly due to the long waiting time before an appointment at the embassy can be made. Therefore it is very important that you start to arrange your VISA as soon as possible!
Also know, we are in contact with this side of the embassy. We are doing our utmost best to give you all the opportunity to come. We will help you to our abilities but we can't help once your application is declined.

Actives will be sent an official personal invitation to help you obtain a visa. We will also inform the embassy of your choice regarding your planned visit to LIMSC. Please start your visa application as soon as possible. Inform the embassy that you will receive an invitation letter. You will get this invitation letter between the 20th of December and 31st of January, depending on how fast you register as an active once you are invited.

Passives will be sent a more general invitation, which you can present to the embassy to help you obtain a visa. Please start your visa application as soon as possible. 

More information
More information about visa can be found on the Dutch Government site. Also see the FAQ's. When you still feel your question is unanswered, feel free to send us an email at