As LIMSC we deliver the option to stay at the Ibis Leiden Centre, a three-star hotel (Ibis Leiden Centre). Recently opened Hotel Ibis Leiden Centre is located in the heart of Leiden right next to the main train station. Restaurants, Shopping Area, Museums and the LUMC all within 5 minutes walking. Ibis Leiden Centre offers you free WiFi, 24h snack and drink service and 24h reception service.
We only have a small number of single rooms.
Stating, some rooms will be shared with other participants. To share a room with a specific person, you van request this in a comment-box during registration. Also there is a maximum capacity so full=full(Unfortunately, the deadline for accommodation has passed). 

Below, we offer you a list of hotels and hostels that we can recommend, but you have to contact on your own iniative!

Information regarding fees and payment can be found on the 'Fees & Payment' page.

If you want to arrange your own accommodation, you can choose for active package 1 which does not include the hotel nights. All hotels in Leiden are listed below. 
Accommodation in Leiden
We would like to point out that IBIS is currently the cheapest option in the city of Leiden. There are no hostels and all other options will be more expensive than our accommodation.
You can also opt to stay in nearby cities such as the Hague or Amsterdam, but this will be at your own expense. Please note that you will have to travel to Leiden by train in this case. This will be at your own expense.
Below you will find a list of other available hotels in Leiden: