The Program of LIMSC 2019.

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LIMSC Festival

20:00 - 23:00

Since you will only be in the Netherlands for a limited time it is hard to get to know the Dutch culture. So during this evening we will take you on a tour of our culture to make sure you get the full experience during your time here. This activity will be held in the beautiful museum of Oudheden in Leiden. During the evening you can participate in two workshops. For these workshops you can choose to dive into the Dutch language, so you can get by here in the Netherlands, or you can choose to learn something about the Dutch culture and the weird parts of it, so you will understand the country as a whole a little more. Or you can learn to dance the Dutch folkloristic dance or experience the Dutch ´gezelligheid´ by playing board games with a drink and talk to some dutch students. Lastly you can choose to admire the museum a little more and see its beautiful collection. After the two workshop rounds we will gather downstairs and end the evening with a fun pubquiz. The location for this activity is the beautiful museum of Oudheden. 
Dress code: casual 

Please note:
Seperate registration for this activity is required. There are limited spaces and they are assigned on a first-come-first serve basis. For fees, please refer to this page.
Museum van Oudheden  
Or you can meet us at the LUMC and walk with us to the museum.