Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)


We are honoured that the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is the main supporter and host of LIMSC.
The LUMC hosts the local academic hospital, a research centre as well as the medical and biomedical faculty of Leiden University.

The LUMC is a modern university medical center for research, education and patient care with a high quality profile and a strong scientific orientation. Its unique research practice, ranging from pure fundamental medical research to applied clinical research, places LUMC among the world top. This enables the LUMC to offer patient care and education that is in line with the latest international insights and standards – and helps it to improve medicine and healthcare both internally and externally.

The LUMC lies directly next to the train station of Leiden. That, in combination with the desire to show the LIMSC participants the place where the (bio)medical students of Leiden daily engage in their lectures, makes us very grateful we are able to host the conference in the hospital. 

For more information about the LUMC, please visit their website.

Medical Faculty for Students from Leiden (M.F.L.S.)

As a medical or biomedical student at Leiden University, you automatically enjoy the pleasure of becoming a member of the study association: Medical Faculty for Students from Leiden (M.F.L.S.). With more than 2800 members, the M.F.L.S. is one of the largest study associations in Leiden. Founded in 1912, it is also one of the oldest study associations in the Netherlands.

Most of the efforts of the M.F.L.S. are directed towards education. The M.F.L.S. promotes the interests of all of its members in the field of education. They achieve this by means of committees consisting of student members, who represent their fellow students in various organisational levels of the LUMC. Other main concerns of the M.F.L.S. are internationalisation, organising events for the student community and operating the student bar located in the hospital named "HePatho".

The M.F.L.S. and LIMSC are closely related since the very first edition of LIMSC in 1999. Two members of the board also serve as consultants to the LIMSC Organising Committee.

For more detailed information about the M.F.L.S., visit the website.

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